Dog Food - Raw

Etty (the dog) eats all raw food.  She is thriving.  It's hard to imagine that this is a dog, descended from wolves.  Still, she gets very serious when I hand her a bone.  I purchase only organic, fresh, local meat. I cut off much of the meat leaving enough to satisfy her and place the bones in a dehydrator.  She eats one in the morning and another at night.  The rest of the meat is mixed with ground flax seed, rosemary from my garden and ground up organic egg shells and dehydrated in strips that I then refrigerate and give to her as treats.  As the song says, "I may be a vegetarian, but my dog is a carnivore."

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  1. I like to have food ready and convenient so have started making the little beast treats that I keep in canning jars labeled in my refrigerator.

    When I go to the store I am always on the look-out for organic meats. My thought is that animals that are raised on organic farms are not kept in close quarters so must be treated more humanly. I also know they are fed better making the products more nutritious.

    When I get home, I feed some of the food to Etty raw and rinsed. The rest are made into strips and dehydrated or if the product is chicken hearts, I put them in the dehydrator whole. Chicken thighs are cut into pieces including the bones. Ground lamb, beef, turkey are formed into bacon like strips and sprinkled with ground egg shells, flax seed and rosemary. Happy dog!