Meat Free Holiday Feasts

Last night, 10-21-2011, at my first RAW FOOD "POT LUCK" a new friend asked what we were going to do about Thanksgiving.  Well, except for the turkey or ham it's pretty exciting!

We won't be cooking all day, basting the bird and afterwards making soup.  I really don't mind though.  My house will smell wonderful with the same spices, just no bird or ham or prime rib.
I will have my dehydrator full of corn with macadamia and pine nut dressing flavored with sage and thyme from my garden.  Pumpkin soup, smooth and creamy wllh fill small pumpkin shells sweet and savory with fresh ground nutmeg, cinnamon and clove - perhaps just a hint of vanilla.  Apples, sliced thin and layered with creamy pecan ricotta will add their color to the pallet of my table. Each plate will have a small purple violet and a sprig of stevia for sweetness and beauty.

We will fill our wine glasses with Mead - my very own home-made honey wine over ice and toast to our family and friendship. 

The very best thing is that we will not be too full afterwards.  We will not have to go on a diet.  We will be happy and satisfied and sleep well.  I am truly thankful.

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