Profound Revelations

1. Rotten food makes rotten juice
          Just because a fruit or vegetable has gone through a juicer, does not make it fresh.
          If it's old give it to the compost.  When in doubt, throw it out.

2.  Dogs, if given the choice of old meat or soy, will choose meat.
          Soy gives dogs bloat.  Since dogs are carnivores, they require a meat-based diet.
          A dogs digestive tract is not designed to digest plants.

3.  Sugar causes tooth decay in dogs just like in people.
           Read the ingredients on the dog treat box.  If the third thing is sugar choose a different treat or
           start saving up for that visit to the doggie dentist.

4.  Garlic causes anemia in dogs and cats.
          Just cause an ingredient is in a dog or cat food, doesn't mean it's good for them.

5.  Flea spray is poison. 
          If you won't put it on your own skin, why will you put it on your friend. 
          Read the warnings to humans on the package and think of your pet as a human.

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  1. Some people may not know how to wash and prepare kale, chard and collards. Checkers at grocery stores and produce managers don't always know why organic is different than conventional. I find that amazing!