Saturday, October 22, 2011

Past to Now

I have been into Whole Foods since the 1970's.

It seemed right to eat what was unprocessed and healthy. I believed it to be arrogant to believe man could improve on what nature had spent a planet's lifetime working out.

            During the next 30 years I managed to lose my way, developed chronic debilitating life threatening asthma and nearly die. The year was 1996.

            Dr. Fink - His real name - put me on 6 medications. My day was scheduled around these pills and inhalers. I sat down, read the small print on the boxes and saw that one inhaler's side-effect was for me to lose my voice. I am a singer.

            When I asked Dr. Fink about this, he said, "Would you rather die?" My answer was a resounding "Yes" and I sang at him in my biggest full operatic voice, "Doctor. I must sing!" He paused and said, "We'll find something else." I left and never went back.

            I changed my thoughts and my life.

            In April 2011, we moved to Rogue River, Oregon. Here I have found a home and a community. I also discovered RAW FOOD.

            Thanks to new friends and two books: 12 Steps to Raw Food by Victoria Boutenko and The Art of Raw Living Food by Doreen Virtue and Jenny Ross, I have found a delightful, healthful and colorful lifestyle. I have arrived at my life and am living well - healthier at age 55 than I have ever been, improved eyesight, pain free, improved memory, with more energy.