Helpful Tips

* Peal and freeze very-ripe bananas for use in smoothies

* Freeze extra kale, spinach or chard for smoothies

* Freeze extra fresh herbs for use all year

* Juice extra apples and freeze in ice cube trays for use later

*  Extra cherry tomatoes from the garden can be stored in apple cider vinegar and water solution


  1. Save time and effort by making dinner while you make breakfast.

    This morning I made green-soup while making our breakfast green-smoothie.

    I put the tips from the asparagus in a bowl and the stalks in the blender with spinach, kale, chard, sprouted buckwheat, yam, banana and pear. Blended well. Then poured enough of the smooth green mix into the soup bowl making the base for our green soup.

    To the soup bowl I then added thinly sliced and julienne-cut yam, finely minced red onion, sprouted buckwheat, chipotle chili powder, Himalayan salt and dried yellow mustard. I finished this with a squeeze of lime, stirred, sprinkled ground hemp seed on the surface to create a nice textural crust that will thicken and be carefully stirred in before I add warm avocado and serve. The bowl of prepared soup is in my dehydrator set at 125 degrees. By the time we eat this delicious soup it will be warm in a warm bowl and savory. I will leave the skin on the avocado and put it into the dehydrator so that it will be heated, otherwise it will take the heat out of the soup. I tasted it. It is soooo good! Just wait 'til tonight! I put this in the dehydrator at about 9:00 A.M. Dinner will be at 5:00 or 6:00.

    Back to the smoothie: To the mix left over from making soup, I added the meat from an entire melon and a mess of spinach. It was wonderful, breakfast is done and dinner is made.

  2. Use empty organic spinach containers to store precleaned kale, chard and collards for future easy to prepare smoothies.

    Also: for my husband's lunch I send mason jars full of several different types of smoothies that I make in the morning while creating our breakfast smoothie. It's easy and keeps him from going to Burger King.